Home901.org and telephone number 211 are working!

These are links to ESP an eviction settlement program providing rental assistance for tenants who DUE TO the coronavirus are jobless, furloughed or had hours reduced; been ill and unable to work; had to care for someone with COVID-19; or lost childcare due to the virus.

To be eligible for the rental assistance the applicant must also have no other viable option for housing.

Funds will be paid directly to the landlord for the benefit of the tenant.

Individuals who think they qualify are encouraged to visit www.home901.org or call 211.  If qualified, the applicant will be referred to Memphis Area Legal Services.

As the program ESP gets underway Memphis Area Legal Services is also concerned about individuals who may be facing eviction, but who are unaware that they have an upcoming court date or eviction date.  A grant from the Community Foundation is allowing Memphis Area Legal Services to provide notice by postcard to individuals who appear to have upcoming dates.

The postcard provides some important information about appearing in court.  If you have a court date, PLEASE go to court and make sure you get there a little early.  If you do not go to court, a judgment can be entered against you. If you go to court, you can request a continuance during which time Memphis Area Legal Services may be able to offer assistance.