The Tennessee Supreme Court has said it will lift the eviction moratorium on June 1. Shelby County will be resuming in-person hearings on June 15. Cindy Ettingoff, CEO of Memphis Area Legal Services says the 15-day period will give landlords the opportunity to file evictions.

“Between the Supreme Court lifting the moratorium on filing and the court dates opening, that 15-day period means that it’s so much easier to get into the courthouse to file the evictions,” said Ettingoff.

County has stated eviction hearings will happen on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. With the clerk’s office allowed to take on fifty cases per docket, Ettingoff says 300 eviction cases could happen each day.
Her advice if you have an eviction notice, attend your hearing.

“Go in the courtroom, and you need to ask for that continuance, because you probably need somebody to sift through what’s there, you need to know if you’re covered by the Cares Act or not,” said Ettingoff.

Asking for a continuance will give you a 15-day grace period during which Ettingoff recommends you reach out to Memphis Area Legal Services to help you navigate your next steps.