About Us

Our Staff

ASKEW, Sharon – Financial Administrator

BARNES, Craig – Managing Attorney

BROWN, Tara – Staff Attorney

CALHOUN, Lloyd – Information Systems Administrator

CHATMAN, Marcellina – Paralegal

CUNNINGHAM, Liberty – Housing Program Manager

DODSON, Marie – Administrative Assistant

DOUGHERTY, Kimberly – Staff Attorney

EDWARDS, Anne – Administrative Assistant

ERIVES, Biridiana – Paralegal

ETTINGOFF, Cindy – Chief Executive Officer

FAULK, Danielle – Victim’s Advocate

GIBSON RAYFORD, Rita – Director of Development/Program Manager

GLASPER, Lesley – Administrative Assistant

GORDON, Tonnie – Intake Counselor

HARRIS, Cedric – Attorney

HORN, Jacob – Staff Attorney

JACKSON, Charlotte – Paralegal

JOHNSON, Jamal – Staff Attorney

JOHNSON, Sukita – Staff Attorney

JONES, JoAnn – Paralegal

KING, Milandria – Managing Attorney

KOSCIOLEK, Jeannie – Managing Attorney

LOMAX, Anidra – Staff Attorney

MCKENNA, Shannon – Staff Attorney

MILLS, Carolyn – Financial Administrator

NEWMAN, Kayron – Executive Assistant

NORRIS, Denise – Administrative Assistant

RANDOLPH, Catherine – Administrative Assistant

ROBBINS, Jasmine – Paralegal

SMITH, Barbara – Intake Counselor

SMITH, Nicole – Staff Attorney

ST. CLEMMONS, Elaine – Chief Operations Officer

STUBBS, Loretta – Chief Financial Officer

TURNER, Freda – Staff Attorney

WARREN, Joshua – Staff Attorney

WARREN, Robin – Staff Attorney

WESTBROOKS, Cuba – Outreach/Housing Specialist

WILKES, Scottie – Managing Attorney

WILKINS, Tiara – Staff Attorney

WINSTON, Belinda – Program Assistant

WOODS, Danielle – Manager of Pro Bono Programs

WOODS, Gloria – Intake Counselor

WOODS, Kevin – Special Project Coordinator

WYNN, Angela – MALS Receptionist

YANEZ, Ericelda – Intake Counselor